Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Guide !

I still remember the days when I started Following you
Amused Bewildered and Excited,
I Fell for evrything that related you !
Some Closeone's were Surprised and some impressed,
The Interest In you never got less
I had heard a lot about the relation with you,
Beautiful was evry Moment which I cherished with you
Never Did I Imagine it could be so blessed,
I got better in each and evry respect
The more I learnt about you the Better I got
It was the best experience I could have ever got
Slowly and Steadily Life progressed,
The Belief in you never got less
There were time when I used to Shake
your presence use to make me start again
I walked the path that you layed for me
Never in my thought I could resist it.
The Light which you enlightened in past
Is still making my Present Bright,
I can't Imagine My Future without this Light !
O Lord,Whatever I learnt from you was Is and Allways remain the Truth !
Aad Sach Jugaad Sach Hai Bhi Sach, nanak Hosi bhi Such !