Friday, February 6, 2009

Who are Sikhs - Vision 2029 !

There is a poll around for Sikhs as a whole by 2029 with following options

Looking at our history since 1469 and projecting for year 2209 which of the following do you see is most probable? World's most powerful country has already seen a Sikh President Under the effect of dominant religions of each country, sikh beliefs & practices varies from country to country Rare to find people who can really talk about message of Guru Nanak Sikh's in Punjab are now a minority Sikh's by virtue to their actions & conduct transformed the world. And like true students of Guru Nanak they are now torchbearer's of this world Sikh's do not have identity crisis anymore. They don't have any identity anymore Who are Sikh's? With decades of illiteracy, factionism & materialism, sikh's are now hard to find.

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