Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well. Incase You are aware about HUTU and TUTSI words, you would have made out what My Blog is all about. For the Neophytes, one who came across these words for the first time.. give me some time I'll disclose them after a couple of para's. Before Starting the Real thing Let me Familiarise myself with Few Facts. The genocide - whenever the name comes what Can I think of is.. Nazi Camps - 1 lakh casualities[citation needed], World Wars - countless casualities Gujarat Riots - utmost 20,000 casualities 1993 riots - 10,000 Casualities 1984 - 10-15,000 casualities Till now I used to think That Only India in the World is the one Crippled with Cast,Creed etc Problems until I came across HOTEL RWANDA. Ya ofcourse its a Hotel in Rwanda, a country in African Continent. So what has the Hotel to do With My Blog.. ? Hmm.. I'll Take back you to 1994 .. Rwanda, Africa...A million Casualities/Corpses left Behind [Just Imaigine]. The Reason : Two words HUTU and TUTSI, both of them are tribes in Africa. Please Pardon me for the limited knowlede on their origin and georaphiical Locs in Africa. The State Sponsored HUTU Supported Massacre was responsible for a million corpses of TUTSI tribes in Rwanda,Africa. I never Knew this Until I saw this Beautiful Movie by The Name 'HOTEL RWANDA', Directed By Terry George this movie is a real life incident where this HOTEL and its manager thouh being a HUTU protected 1000 TUTSI from being killed. A Must Must Watch !

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