Sunday, June 15, 2008

ICICI Bank - Review

The Bank : The moment one takes the name of a bank,what we are reminded of is long queue’s,the Fd’s the Rd’s and the DD’s.The basic things have remained the same the replacement’s however are new.The willy looking Old Cashier is replaced by Automatic Glossy looking windows based ATM,the traditional FD’s and RD’s have been replaced by the one based online. Well I have been roaming around all over india for the past 4 years now and have been using services of almost all the Banks from A to S. Without any hesitation I regard ICICI as the Best Deal. User Friendlyt,Courteous,TransperancyLet it be the Number of ATM’s,the Online Services, or the Customer Care services.In Today’s Dynamic world the first thing one looks in a bank is the ease with which the bank can be accessed. The ease with which FD/RD can be opened and closed,easy availability of ATM’s.Easy Online money transfer’s throughout india without any extra charge.The ease with which you can debit the required amount from any ATM of any bank without any extra charge,the SMS banking,The Security.Though there have been a couple of odd cases where in there had been some Issues . This is based on personal experience.I still remember a personal experience wherein my Debit card ‘s were misplaced . the services which followed strengthened my views towards ICICI. Well Connected,well maintained, Well spread, Easy to Use ATM’s are one for sure.East Accesibility ,Well mannered,Educated and Curteous Customer Care is the other one. Not to forget The technical Savy,User Friendly,Easy to Use, Secured, Well protected Onliine Services is the added advantage.In this respect I guess ICICI Bank has reached a level where other’s will take time to reach. The ease with which you can get your lost ATM card’s,or reissue cheque book cannot be ignored. The flexibility in address wherein the Bank helps you by delivering your requiste to the near bank. The online Interface with the airlines,railways, busservices,and other service providers for billing and booking purpose is another thing which cannot be ignored.

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