Monday, March 3, 2008

Dinner @ Chandni Chowk,Bangalore - planned by Destiny !

26th Feb -08. I reached bangalore via Jetlite with a surprising companion.She was Naina Arora ! She was a passout of University of collarado i guess 96' batch and was working as some manager in Reliance Comm. Delhi.She sounded interesting,intelligent.She somehow made that 2.5 hour flight journey short. we talked and talked and talked .She had to leave for Coorg the same night via a VOLVO from Majestic by 11:00 p:m.She wanted to kill time as we reached bangalore by 8:00 P:m. I was left with nothing than to ask her for a dinner.A s she was with me , I hired a Pre-paid Taxi even though it asked me to shed more money ....... somehow i could't resist. We reached koramangla by 9:00 p:m. Initially we thought of Mast Kalandar,but then we went to Chandni Chowk,Koramangla.We ordered a panneer Dish & Dal mkhani along with chapati's. rather than eating we were more busy in chatting. somehow by 10: 15 we finished whatever we can and asked the waiter to parcel the rest.To their surprise my roommates got a treat from my side.. they didn't know the background though :)It was nly after they finished there dinner i disclosed what all happened !Naina and me did exhcnaged our contact info's :)let's see if we can be in touch in future !:)God Bless her !

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Mohit said...

sirjee...teach us some tricks of the trade as well. ;)