Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chandni Chowk @ Koramangla,bangalore

The name Chandni Chowk brings to mind the flea markets of Old Delhi, a shoppers' paradise, where people hunt out great bargains. But the Chandni Chowk I refer to is a food place in Bangalore -- a restaurant which offers a variety of north Indian food. It is located in the upmarket area of Koramangala, just next to the National Games Village. From the outside, you may mistake it for a fly-by-night dance bar. With an 'aesthetic' appeal like that many people would not want to venture inside. But you will be in for a surprise the moment you enter. It is a quait restaurant in Koramangala, which tries to recreate the Dhaba feel for the noveau rich. (Atleast it feels like). Decorated with a thatched roof and stone pathways, the Chandni Chowk restaurant offers some of the best North Indian food in the Southern Bangalore India. The ambience is really appealing; it is decorated with bandhini dupattas and other colourful wall hangings and well-lit to make the place look nice and bright. Although the stone slabs on which you sit may feel a bit cold initially, the smell of the simmering Punjabi spices quickly awakens your taste buds. Menus are made out of a silk cloth held between the embroidery rings.Music-wise, you will probably get to hear a bhangra remix of the Summer of 69, which blares from a small speaker, kept inside a mutka (a big mud pot). A large selection in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Nice beverages, especially "Kullud Wali Chai" a must try. Being a foodie myself, my favourite is the Chicken Reshmi Kebab and Jal Jeera to begin with. And for the main course I go on to have Half Butter Chicken and Stuffed Kheema Parathas. A Half Butter Chicken will fill up two people easily. Don't miss out on the authentic Dal Makhani which is a treat for your taste buds. After about 20 min, the waiter walks in with the Roti and Sabzi, we ask why not the soup and starter, and right behind him, another guy walks in with the rest of the mail. the whole thing is dumped and they walk away. Later the chai comes, a real nice one too. Just right for the Indian Palate, Kadak and sweet, with a dollop of cream on the top. As for dessert, order a Gulab Jamun and you will be happy that you had a wonderful, yet simple meal. The icing on the cake is the bill. For two people your bill should be around Rs 400 only and this includes a drink, appetisers, the main course and a sweet dish! This is a great place for dinner. The service is decent and you can finish your dinner within an hour, on a normal day. But a word of caution: on weekends the place is so packed you may end up sans dinner. Description Address: 28, 6th Block, 80 Feet Road Opp. IBP Petrol Bunk Koramangala, Bangalore India Phone: 41105454 Hours: 12pm to 11pm Continued..


Gerald Galindez said...

then suddenly my stomach gurgles,

my mouth waters gurpeet, i want to taste indian food!

have a nice day,

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