Friday, February 8, 2008

Story Writing @ Satyam

Everything that Shines does not Blossom. They say people are not born unlucky, it’s their deeds and work which decides’s where they are going to finally land. This Story goes somewhat on similar lines where a single man who was once very happy with his small family, destroyed it completely because of unawareness and ignorance. Karan, a Marketing Person by profession was settled in life both professionally and socially and was leading a very happy life, why would he not be as he had only one child to care about, for whom he had already saved enough, his wife Rakshanda was a house wife and was thankful to god for giving her such a husband. Their child Kabir was just 4 years old, and had just started to do all the regular things what youngsters of his age usually do. Karan was imbibed with a go-getter attitude, this coupled with his extrovert nature made him popular wherever he went let it be his Family/Friend’s function,his office, other gatherings etc etc.He was a bit spontaneous during taking decisions, this fired back sometimes for him, but this was only one shortcoming that could have ever been figured out. Apart from his professional roles his magnanimous personality reflected in his roles as a father and a husband too. He considered his family equally important as his work, he used to spend time with Karan playing around, dropping him and picking him up from his classes, jogging and other fun activities, he also gave Rakshanda equal importance in all the major decisions pertaining to them, Karan and their family thus proving himself a great companionate. He also used to surprise both Rakshanda and Karan as he used to bring them gifts whenever he went on some official trips, which were frequent as his job demanded them. It was after one of his visits to a village that life started changing for Karan and his family; he started maintaining distance from Karan and Rakshanda, though the other’s didn’t knew the reason, but Karan was aware that he has been infected with HIV, and his spontaneous decisions which were responsible earlier for his troubles have finally left him empty-handed. It was only after his infection, he realized what ignorance and carelessness could cost? Though he wanted to carry this reason (HIV) with him in his coffin, but Kabir and his future made him decide that he would tell everything to Rakshanda. He died because of the infection, but yes he taught Rakshanda and Kabir a lesson, Happiness persists only if ignorance and carelessness do not conquer. The moral of story is that though a person may be happy and successful in all fields of life, it is ignorance and carelessness which needs to be in control. Same thing in lines of a famous poet have be framed as;” The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth – persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” Which emphasizes that it is not the truth which we are aware of, but lie !!

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De Novo said...

Bon mot. The words flow as in a libretto.
Keep it up.