Saturday, February 2, 2008

Satisfaction !

Sitting at office Seat,Talking on Phone,Driving I think ..... When would i be satisfied/satiated ? My Young Days wanted me to land up in a Respectable,high earning job ...... I grew into next phase college days ....... where i wandered aimlessley more in rush of marks :) In those days too i was never clear what i wanted to do? Being from a Middle class family,business was never a thought ! After finishing my engg. i again wandered aimlessly for BPO's(IBM Daksh) to be precise. i din't wanted to continue that job ..why? Because my degree said that i was overqualified ..however i didn't say that ..amusing right? Wandring in my thoughts i encountered C-DAC's entrance ....... again i never knew what i wanted to do? God only knows and why was i selected? I completed my PG Diploma course not because i wanted to do it........ it was because people said CDAC pune has a name and Embedded has huge Scope ! I started wandering again.. this time in search of job .why ? because 40/50 including me were there @ CDAC because of the same reason. Finally I along with 5 other's landed up with a Software Co. into Embedded Domain ... first 6-8 months nobody knew what we were going to do? The wandering resurfaced when people started shouting from all direction's there is no good work in India.........oops? Where have Ilanded>? the Question resurfaced ! GRE/MBA/M.Tech/GMAT - is/should be the next target ............ Things from zero start again......... I din't land up into a good college for the last couple of years..... I don't really know whether i'am suited fr the same? I don't really know whether i'am suited for Software Industry. and this is the case with majority of people around...... Mad Rush - Isn't it? Simply Shifting jobs/Onsite isn't an answer...... What i realise aftr this? I lost some of very precious time which i could have utilised in learning other things, I lost time which i could have spent with my family :-) better late than never ........ I have learnt that i have to be satisfied in whatever i'm invovlved with ! and in case i'm not satisfied ... i have to sit patiently discuss with people around and take an intelligent judgemental decision on my own........ so that the same thing does not happen with me in my life gain :-)

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Krishna said...

Hi Guru of Love(preet), I don't know actual meaning of your name, still may be I can call you so for you always helping nature I see in you. Thanks for your help in knowing about blogs. Thanks for sharing your blog link and I feel great in reading them. I will also do some thing like this :)