Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ren Sabhayee @ marathali Bangalore

It was last Saturday Of january-08, 26th January to be precise :-)
heard about this all night Kirtan. thought Why not try it :-)
Awesome Experience -- I should have tried it earlier, this is what i had to say after i attended the same. Thanks to Taran, Harjot that i came to know about such an event .
I was accompanied by Kuljeet, Amit Goel(Satyam mates).
At first we had to travel aimlessly to locate Marathalli Gurudwara finally when we were there we al did realise that it was all worth ...
What an experience man !
I''l advice all if you get a chance do attend this kirtan !
The naam jaap at the beginning -Chanting Waheguru all the time took me to an entirely new world.
God bless me with more of such power so that i can thnk in same direction and do some good for my soul !

P.S attached is the image/landmark/map for marathalli gurudwara bangalore !

Incase somebody finds it hard to locate it !

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