Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jab Mai Chota Bacha tha

This Blog does exist at The main content of this blog are a copyright of my friend Vivek gupta :) InfoSys, Singapore. With some modifications here it is ....... I’am Gurpreet and I belong to Delhi/Agra. My association with Bangalore date back to August ’2005. I came here for a job with Satyam which got extended indefinitely. Now you guys don’t blame me for this. Although (Despite of Fact) my stay in Bangalore till date has been pleasant and eventful; I still miss home and friends. Before I begin with real Blog, I would request everybody reading this to close their eyes and traverse back to time, time we all remember as our Childhood Days, Wow what a pleasant feeling, I can feel it and I’am sure the same feeling tickles you too. Doesn’t this mundane prevaricating void, prevalent in all of our lives putsches us to Re-live those Childhood Days? The Suave, Calm, Tranquil and Genial looks of a child has always had some kind of affect on me, some time back I received a mail which forced me to traverse back, relive those days of past and yes choose the same as a topic of my Speech. I wonder, if pictures can be so powerful how it would feel to be child again? Ahhh those Blissful days, days when I could follow the Butterflies, listen to Thrushes, climb Trees, play in Rain, be Smudged, and continue the same for hours. This was the same time when I could escape most of my mistakes. If situation used to become really worse I used to play my trump card by wailing which ensured my grandparents intervening and evading me from troubles of any sort. When I think of my Childhood Days, memories go back to school days. I used to get up reluctantly in morning and then mom used to get me ready for School with most exquisite Breakfast from her Recipe. After finishing my breakfast my Dad used to accompany me up till my pick up point. I used to board Tricycle Rickshaw and what fun it was. We could get down from the rickshaw anytime, run alongside the rickshaw. When we used to be on a rough terrain or traveling up the incline almost everybody used to get down to push the rickshaw, after this event, I could see rickshaw puller giggling, revealing his toothless smile. On the way we used to pluck Flowers to Gift to our Teachers (we were too young to have Girl Friends at that time).Upon Reaching School our Gang used to widen and with so many friends around, classes were not difficult to endure. During Recess we used to Play Games and share our Lunch Boxes, without any realization the School time used to end and I used to be in the same rickshaw for my trip back Home. Arriving Home, I used to be treated with the very own Mother’s Recipe. After Relishing Lunch, I used to land for a short nap. I only needed an hour or two for completing my Homework and then the entire evening was mine. I used to play with Children of my neighborhood, Watch Television in night for sometime and then end my day on bed. As a Child I was least bothered about the troubles and hardships of life. I was so very happy in my own World, with family and friends around; there wasn’t any stress in life. Days which nobody could let go off from their hook. The thought of satisfaction during those days always engulfed me with a sense of security and happiness. The feeling of serenity of those times used to satiate all my nerves and senses. I always used to think that life’s such a fun now; it will improve for the better once I grow up and become tough and independent like my elders. Well, children are innocent so was i. Times have changed and here I am (The Bryan Adams Way ). The first thought to strike me when I get up every morning is: ‘What’s the Day Today?’ I will somehow try to convince myself it’s not a weekend, after a round or two of introspection I will finally settle for a number, and yes this number tells me the number of days left for a much awaited Weekend. I will finally drag myself out of that cozy/seducing bed and get ready for office. We are Six Bachelors staying together and one can very well imagine the condition our apartment. I Hope these words don’t reach my owner. I no more have those Mother- Recipe exquisite breakfast’s to relish but bread’s, butter and milk , On Good Days I will add Cornflakes and on Bad Day I have to skip. Mom I miss u (Me too). The rickshaw is almost obsolete; MRT and Taxi’s have taken its place. Though they are fast and ubiquitous, I can’t understand why I still struggle to reach office on time. Must be some problem with them. My rickshaw always used to drop me at School much before the Assembly bell rang. In office I have colleagues who seem to be so occupied with work that taking a break seems crime to all. Although my teachers were strict but they never mind giving breaks. Whenever I take/opt for a break now, I feel a pair of eyes following me, are they of my managers? No No I say to myself must be of some pretty gal. Work and Sleep are taking majority of my day’s time, remaining time I spend on my laptop chatting with friends, watching TV. I can feel constant stress and am not able to relax and be carefree as I was being a child. Though I’m independent, mature and responsible now, the price I had to pay for all this is– my childhood. Sometimes I wish I was Child again, with no responsibilities upon me, Family to take care of me and Friends with whom I can play around, but who can stop the ruthless wheel of time. In the end, when I say lets be Child again, I want to impart a message to one and all that lets be carefree and not worry too much. Let’s not be obsessed with our past and future so much that we spoil our present. Let’s not distinguish ppl based on race, religion or color. Like a child let’s mingle with all, don’t keep grudges against others. Let’s spend time chasing our dreams and not obsessed with work. Show our willingness to learn and unlearn. Let the curiosity within us die. Let’s have and open hearted and open minded approach towards life and most importantly let our Children be Children and not rob them of their Childhood.

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