Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happiness Coupled with Frustration !

Happiness- Ankit Sangal's Bday (Uncle Sangal in Snap)!
first the bad thing Frustration.
Frustration-I didn't knew where did it creep from .........
but the day was awful for me :(
In the morning i was frustrated because of the Work,
till Afternoon the Frustration shifted to my manager and another PL
and now at 8:30 PM i'am frustrated because of people back home,somehow forcing
things upon me........ I didn't wanted to but unintentially did raise my voice.
God Forgive me !
Please Please Do not get me entangled/webbed.
I want to live the way i'am living now.
Today is Ankit Sangal's (one of my dear friend's) birthday too
He is sitting in South Africa these days. unfortunately ws not able to talk with him,
Many Many happy returnz of the day dude - God Bless you ! Cheers
This Blog goes to Ankit --
Attached is the snap of Uncle Sangle in Africa :)
Sangal beta khush ho jayega jab yeh blog padega :)
Yeh khushi us din ke naam jab tu yeh blog padega :)
Cheers !

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Anonymous said...

well as they say I hav jus no words to describe how m feelin after reading this blog on me....m so honoured...jus cant tel u.. although i knew it frm the very beginning that Im gud enuf or rather gr8 enuf to be written about or talked abt.. :)I have never realized that a blog on me wud appear on such a seasoned blogger's page...i wish u all the luck guppi(aka karan..) to keep writing abt me..lolz newaz jokes apart i jus want to say that im among those privileged few(privilege means unlucky in the context..) whom guppi considers as a gud amazing frnd..a wonderful person...yeah thts how i wil sum him up...always remain the same...u jus rocks!!!