Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Change is it ?

A beutiful SNAP - My Workplace
Any Guesses what i mean by the title? No It is not my first Co. hehe Yesterday i got an offer from a new Co. for their Embedded Software vacancy.Offer letter's and other formalities are still to be completed. Frustrated with my Current Job I finally started attending some interviews Holla - I converted my first call itself :) They have given me a 20 % salary hike over existing one. God only knows what further negotiations are going to be :o ? Let's see how far it goes ! Interview was hed at a office near SAFINA PLAZA Infantry road, Bangalore. Though i got a call on Friday itself. But i was reluctant to start with initially. it was only after i heard that Kiran(Colleague & CDAC Mate)was selected that i got charged up further HR and Technical person were both very co-operative. Today that is Sunday i went for Medical tests as prescribed by their Team @ Appollo Koramangla. Except 1 all others are completed. Let's see :)

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Anonymous said...

many many congrats buddy....:)