Saturday, February 2, 2008

Award Winning Blog at satyam !

Dated 26th Sep 07 - i wrote something which got my snap published in a common Info mailer from Satyam Computer Services pvt Ltd.
Office Communicator!! Ahem Ahem….. Vague Topic Isn’t It?Overall an interesting exe for effective communication within Office. Add-ons are Inherent and nobody can deny that.
I Came to know about the latest add-on of this Communicator while talking to a project mate of mine (Yes, you are right she is a lady associate)!!
The story she told, convinced me that this communicator is the latest buzz to carry forward the heritage, the legacy established by Y!’s And the MSN’s and the GTalk’s and the Best thing about this Communicator is that you are 100 % sure that profile opposite you is not fake!!! Don’t Grin ………. Think Seriously!! She then showed me of what had happened on Communicator, Ofcourse she saves a copy of the chat with Mr. XYZ!!
Here is an excerpt of the same..
P.S: [Mr. XYZ, Miss ABC refer to the names]
Mr. XYZ: Hi!![A Blind hit] Miss ABC: Do I know you ?[Unknown] Mr. XYZ: You may not Know me, but I think I know you. Mr. XYZ: If I’am not wrong you are Miss ABC from Delhi University.[Hit and Trial  , Yes in this case it did hit ] Miss ABC: Yes you are right !! Miss ABC: But howcome you know me !![TRAPPED !!] Mr. XYZ: actually I have a friend from the same university who mentioned about you, I thought why not talk with you .[AND THE THREAD STARTS …..] Mr. XYZ: Which Office?Miss ABC: BHR .. you?Mr. XYZ: BSD Finally…… After half an hour of chat. Mr. XYZ: Miss ABC can I have your # ..?[The Real motto] Miss ABC: +91-998xxxxxxx[RELUCTANT, BUT Somehow couldn’t stop] Meanwhile the good Mornings, the good afternoon’s, good evenings, good night’s.. Continue. After 2---3 Days….. Mr. XYZ: What are you doing on Weekend?[Another Bold Step] Miss ABC: Nothing, I don’t have enough friends out here.Mr. XYZ: Oh !! Same is the case with me , even I’m bored..[Sympathy thy name..] Miss ABC: Boring Ya.. It’s totally boring out here.Mr. XYZ: Since we have the same story, why not meet some day!![One More Step…….]Miss ABC: I’m not sure But yes will try……I’ll SMS you[Done….]………Next Monday !! ……. Mr. XYZ: Thank you for the Day you made my day Miss ABC: oh my pleasure ….. And the story continues….. So the fruitful results are here …. Office Communicator…Impeccable ….isn’t it ?? I’ll try posting the description of next chat/meeting between Mr. XYZ and Miss ABC…..

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